31 Pound Morbidly Obese Cat Surrendered To Shelter; Looking For A New Healthy Home-.-.–…

One of my pet peeves is Free Eating Poultry. Yes, most people work away from home and have to provide their precious animals with food when they are gone. Then they fill a dry kibble platter, overflowing because they don’t want their child to go hungry, do they?! FALSE! If dry food has to be left out, restrict the number. Animals do not have the emotional ability to realize whether to start gorging. Before another takes it, their innate instincts will take over and they must eat all the food! And when it is enough, they don’t know. And that’s how you have a cat that is 31 pounds.

A 31-pound cat that is called morbidly obese. And he surrendered to a shelter because he has so much to look after now.
That is what happened to sweet Shadow in Ontario, Canada. The 6 year old grey feline has grown to such a massive size, his owners were forced to give him up. They had to face the fact that they could no longer care for him.

Because now, at his weight, the everyday activities of a healthy house cat elude him.

Shadow doesn’t want to play.

He doesn’t like to get any exercise by running because he physically can’t do it.

And yeah, we will all get furious and call our names and point out everything we’ve done wrong. But it isn’t what Shadow is going to support. They’ve done the Only THING that Can help him, and give him a chance. An ability to find a family that will provide the treatment and attention he wants to face his next challenge.

Because for a 31 pound cat, losing the weight is going to take a long time with a dedicated caregiver.

He may be almost 3 times the size of a normal, healthy feline, but that weight is going to come off very slowly. You know how that last 10 pounds for humans is the hardest part to lose when dieting? That’s basically what ANY weight loss for a cat is like. And for Shadow, he IS medically considered morbidly obese.

The staff at the Lincoln County Humane Society and Kevin Strooband have willingly accepted the mission to find him the perfect humans. Shadow is the largest cat that Strooband has ever worked with. He was initially concerned with how to even pick up the over-stuffed feline.

Shadow can’t be held for long because the pressure on his stomach hurts him. I can’t imagine how scary it is for a cat who can’t twist and turn to fall on their feet if dropped. And fat wouldn’t just “cushion” the fall.
Yet, even with his girth, he apparently escaped unseen from his room at the shelter one day! #ninjacat

They have now received more than 30 applications from adopters for the full figured feline. But they will need to ensure that his new human servant will stick to a strict diet and exercise routine to lose the weight.

It is possible to do though. If you remember Bronson, he was a 33 pound cat adopted on 4/24/18 at 33lbs (15kg). His humans, and more than 264 THOUSANDS followers on Instagram have followed his journey to a slimmer weigh-in on 10/24/20 of 18.72lbs (8.5kg)!

So anybody who ends up with all this fluff and fur to enjoy will have a big undertaking ahead of them. But it seems that Shadow is full of sweetness, and I bet that every ounce he lacks is replaced with affection and commitment.

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  1. it is like 600 pound on TV — they sure as hell wouldn’t be that FAT is no one feed them fattening food — DON’T OVER FEED ANIMALS OR PEOPLE

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