9 Cats With A Purrpose, Check Out These Social Media Darlings-.-…-..

We love cats!
And we’re pretty sure you do too.
Which means your social media feeds, like ours, are crammed with cute cats galore.
But, when it comes to cat content, there can never be enough. From funny cats to adorable kittens, social media gives us cat accounts aplenty, but did you know there are philanthropist felines for the following too?

Here are 9 social media cats who give back to felines in need!

#1 – Tummy and Gummy


The ‘Tummy’ of the pair, Toby has Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which causes his fragile skin to sag in adorable wrinkles. Quinton, who recently passed away, had to have his teeth removed when rescued and he was the ‘Gummy’. Leo joined the family after Quinton’s passing and, like Toby, he has Ehlers Danlos syndrome. These boys show the world that special needs cats live rich and full lives. With their parents, they work to help EDS cats and other special kitties find their forever homes. And, they stand up to cruelty against animals across social media!

#2 – Grandpa Harrow


Calling Alley Cat Rescue home, Harrow the cat has a way with kittens. Such a way, in fact, he’s known as “Grandpaw” to all the babies readying for their forever homes. He became a part of the Alley Cat Rescue family after his human died and he was found on the streets, sick and starving. Now, he’s happy and surrounded by adorable kittens!

#3 – Owl Kitty

Owl Kitty/Facebook

Working under the stage name Owl Kitty, Lizzy “stars in all your favorite movies and tv shows and gets lots of treats and cuddles in return.” Not only is Owl Kitty a famous meowvie star, but she’s a cat with heart. She and her family avidly promote the Adopt, Don’t Shop initiative while raising funds for shelters.

#4 – Dapper Dan the Diapurrman


“Part feline, part mermammal”, Dapper Dan the Diapurrman is the most excellent foster dad to kittens. With his humans, they work hard to help kittens grow strong and find their forever homes while teaching the world cats with special needs live lives just as fulfilling as any other cat.

#5 – Chonky Mr. B


Meet BeeJay, aka Mr. B, “the giant tabby kitty who gives back!” Mr. B was adopted from the Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, PA, and he’s so happy with his family, he wants every cat to know the joy of a forever home. His Random Acts of Kindness campaign aims to help cat rescue groups find homes for all the felines!

#6 – Cornelius Cornbread Chronicles


“Sassy, Stylish & Southern” are the three words that best describe Cornelius Cornbread, but something else to remember about the bow-tied kitty? He loves to give back to the feline community. When he’s not showing off his strong eyebrow game, he’s helping his mom care for a feral colony and advocating TNR work.

#7 – The Juno Cat


“Blind, adventurous, and ready to take over the world,” The Juno Cat is continuing Oskar the Blind Cat’s mission of teaching the world that blind cats are fully capable of living happy and full lives. Juno and his brother Klaus are active in the special needs cat community, helping special cats find their forever homes.

#8 – Smush


The cat behind The Smush Foundation, Smush is a hero to everyone on four paws! The positive puss tells us, “I was very sick as a tiny kitten but I was rescued! I have a cleft lip but it doesn’t get me down.” With her messages of hope and love, Smush’s social media accounts are must follows.

#9 – Damita Jo


The main “diva and sidekick” to Sterling “TrapKing” Davis, Damita Jo invites you to “check me out as I travel the world and help spread the word on TNR!!!” This sassy cat keeps all the foster cats in line and helps fund her dad’s work by selling coffee that gives to their trap-neuter-release cause.

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