9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You-.–..

Some people say cats are not friendly and that’s hardly true. Though it maybe true that cats are not good at showing emotions as dogs, but they still do it in a subtle way. You’ve gotta be sharp to see it and, most importantly, feel it. Here are some signs that your cat loves you dearly. Tell us how many you recognized in the comments!

#1 Love bites… but hopefully not too hard!

#2 Following and lingering around wherever you are.

#3 Kneading (and needing) their master.

#4 Twitching the tips of their tail.

#5 The power of the purr.

#6 Eye contact with a kitty kiss-if you’re lucky.

#7 Bringing you ‘presents’.

#8 Your cat will flash you their tummy.

#9 Your cat has a thing for head butting you.

43 thoughts on “9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You-.–..”

  1. Jean Ann MacCallum

    My cats do everyone of these except they are NOT hunters ..too lazy so I have to catch my own mice in traps lol

  2. Fredrick crider

    My cat does it and more he plays fetch high fives and he’s also a service animal he comes when we holler for help he’s my buckeroo my best friend we call him squirt and he is spoiled because we love him very much

  3. I have 2 cats. Both do 8 of the 9. No “gifts” as they are indoor o my. My previous cat was indoor/outdoor and I got “presents” frequently!

  4. My two cats Charlotte and shy shy do all the above I love my two little kitties and now I know for sure they love me too cuz at first I thought they were abiding the tip of my finger because they were mad at me but now I know it’s a silent that they love me

  5. I have 3 kitten, a 1 year and a 6 years. Each one does a different behaviors. I get all of the feline mixtures.
    Love all my girls to death.👍👌💯❤️💕💜

  6. AWWW..my kitty does ALL these things..BUT occasionaly he will lunge out from under the table and try to bite me…but most of the time he’ll stop as soon as i tell him DON”T DO THAT…That’s his ONLY bad habit..😊😊

  7. Yep, I was lucky with my fur babies doing all that! I Miss them so much especially the only who brought me a dead vole for dinner! He was thanking me for feeding him. One used to lay on my feet when I was in the John and I’d sing a little song and her tail waved like a metronome to the beat! One bit me when I was feeling low after losing my daughter, I got kinds rough with him, so I sat and was shedding a few when I get his teeth bit me on my arm, a bit more that a love bite & when I looked over he had a gotcha look n his face. How I miss my fur babies, they’re over The Rainbow bridge now?😢💕🐾

  8. Very accurate and seemingly good information for people to learn more about cats and how they are so special and truly beautiful. ❤️❤️💯💯🤗👍👍🎤

  9. You missed the most important one, kisses! My late Tommy would come and climb up on my chest when I was sitting down or laying down, and give me kisses upon cases. I know some people don’t believe it, But he would also hug me. He put a leg on each side of my neck and squeeze for all he was worth and then kiss me some more

  10. My cats do all that I already knew that I’m soooooo happy they love me cuz I love them dearly and the All Are spoiled and pampered and I have 9 they are amazing I hope all who have animals of any kind Be Kind To Them and Help Control The Pet Population ….Have Them Spay And Neuterd PLZZZZZZ !!!! So Many Unwanted… and Thankyou For ALL Wh are Kind to them and care about the pet population..GOD BLESS YOU💕

  11. You so nailed it, my three precious for babies have exhibited every action of love that you mention, that makes me feel good. Because I sure do love them. That’s nice to know I knew they did I just needed to hear it from somebody else. Thanks that’s appreciate it

  12. I have one kitty that hits 8 of the 9; another hits 5 of the 9; and a third (youngest and hyper) hits 3 of the 9. I’m feeling pretty loved 😻😻😻

  13. My baby girl will be 5 in May n we lost her sister 2 years ago to urine crystals. I was very har on us. Ever since jazzy has been by my side and does all of these. I wish I could get her a sibling but am afraid she will urinare all over. Any information on that? She loves to play. From TECUMSEH MICHIGAN

  14. This was a beautiful list! Hopefully it will show some people just how lucky they are to be the recipient of this devotion. Every cat is different and each of mine shows their love in different ways. Mine are all rescues and treasured beyond belief. The joy they bring immeasurable ❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️

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