Blind Kitten lies in the Parking Lot and asks how in this world she can live

Hope For Paws is an animal welfare group, and they received a call about a blind kitten spotted in a parking lot one day JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick were two volunteers who raced straight to the scene when they were contacted.

They were told that they had already seen the mom and two other kittens in the area. When they came, it was a very sad sight to see the kitten lying there alone
It was clear that her blindness was caused by a severe eye infection, so JoAnn scooped the kitten up and placed her in the cat carrier, which was easy because she couldn’t see.

They even spotted the mother cat, but would return to get her another day and due to the vital state of the kitten, it was imperative they got to the clinic as soon as they could. Their decision was to name her Kenshi.

They discovered after being tested that Kenshi’s eyes were irreparably impaired by feline herpes, and they were seriously ulcerated. There was nothing to preserve her eyes that could be done, so she was set for surgery to get both of them replaced.

Other volunteers went back to the parking lot two days after Kenshi’s escape, saving her mother and two children. She was permitted to see her brothers after her operation and they all had supper together. Both were placed up for adoption, and hopefully they would have families permanently.

Watch the video:

Kenshi was later placed up for adoption following a successful recovery from her surgery and now lives in a caring family with another blind pet, Charlie, and two dogs.
She likes her new world and family, and she can feel everything about her without her eyes.

We are so happy that Kenzie has always found the right home.

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