Cat Smiles At Everyone That Visits The Shelter Hoping That Someone Will Notice Her

Nala is a shelter cat who has a unique way of getting noticed. She smiles at everyone who passes by. When Nala was found, she was pregnant and in labor but she was having difficulty giving birth. A good Samaritan in the Netherlands found her and rushed her to a veterinary hospital. It took four weeks but the kitten grew to be a healthy and independent young cat. That kitten has moved on to their forever home.

Everybody who comes to the shelter finds a little bit of love from Nala. She comes running when somebody walks by. Since the cat has a cleft lip, she always appears to be smiling. She also requires a special diet because of a skin condition. She gets hypo-allergenic food and is doing much better. She might always need this special food.

When Nala sees a visitor coming, she immediately starts to meow. She will also stand up against the glass window and stare with the grin on her face.

Any time Nala is with a human friend, she is very happy. When Ineke visits her at the shelter, she is quickly greeted for some cuddles.

The perfect home for her would be a house with a (fenced) garden, with humans who are at home a lot and who don’t have a problem with her special diet.

This adorable cat is still looking for a forever home. Until that time, she will smile at everyone who comes to visit.

Watch the precious video below:

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