Cat Who Was Rejected for Being a Lap Cat, Finds Family that Loves Him and Can’t Stop Cuddling.—-.—

What he was asking for was a lap to rest on… It’s so good!
Yet he was turned away and disqualified merely for being a lap cat….
She didn’t want him to cuddle with her anymore, because she didn’t want him to.

He was turned away after a year and gave up. A sudden change in surroundings puzzled the ginger boy, but as soon as he got to curl up in a warm lap, he began to purr again. At the rescue, everyone was determined to find a home for the sweet kitty that would give him unconditional love.

He’s a terrific cat who needed the right home and a second chance. In the hope of finding him a perfect home, they shared his story on their Facebook page. Soon, there were hundreds of adoption requests flowing in. People were stunned by how “un.wan.ted” became a sweet cat like Jacque.

The post received more than 1,200 comments and 2,600 likes. Everyone was rooting for Jacque and hoping that he would find a family that would love him, spoil him and indulge him with all the cuddles he would ever want. Liz came across Jacque’s story and knew right away that he would make a wonderful addition to her family. A couple of weeks after she submitted an application, she received the most joyous news.

For the first time, she and her family went to the rescue to meet their sweet ginger boy, and they were absolutely struck by him. Jacque climbed straight into the lap of his human father, buried his face in his arms and squeezed his hand while the storm was purring. It was as if he knew that they were there to take him home.

After a long time waiting, the sweet kitty has found a loving home that he always wanted.

He’s doing very well and we just love him so much. He has a fur brother who is a little older that he has become quite close to.

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