Feline lonely: Pet cat Fu Fu appears to ‘cry’ into security camera after being left at home alone during holiday—.–.-

The owner of Fu Fu went to her parents for the Lunar New Year in China
Since he is reserved, she did not carry the two-year-old British Shorthair,
The video shows the tearful eyes of the cat after calling him through a monitor.
The owner said the feline sometimes screamed while he was starving or worried.
In China, a pet cat went viral after seeming to cry into a surveillance camera while being left alone at a holiday at home.

Fu Fu, a two-year-old British shorthair, reportedly crying upon hearing his trainer call his name over the home monitor, said his owner.
When she saw the ‘heart-breaking’ scene, the pet keeper, Ms Meng, said that she was checking on the feline using a monitoring app on her tablet.

Security footage shows Fu Fu staring into the camera with tears in his eyes at home in China
His owner had gone back to her parents’ home to celebrate the Lunar New Year without Fu Fu

The CCTV clip was filmed on the night of February 8 in eastern China’s Xuzhou after Ms Meng had gone to her parents’ home in a nearby town to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Fu Fu was launched into social media stardom by the 17-second video, which gained more than 8 million ‘likes’, leading him to be recognised as the ‘left-behind cat’.

Ms. Meng told MailOnline that, out of fear that he could not get used to her parents’ house, she had agreed not to bring Fu Fu.

She described Fu Fu as clingy and shy, adding that the pet likes to spend time with her.
Ms Meng had prepared enough food and water for him prior to her travel to ensure Fu Fu’s well-being and would periodically watch surveillance videos.

The trending clip shows turning around to look at the door after hearing his owner’s voice
After realising the voice came from the monitor, Fu Fu turns back to play with the camera

The trending video shows Fu Fu purring with tears in his eyes, after Ms Meng called his name ‘Fu Fu’ through the monitor.

Ms Meng can be heard saying in the clip ‘do you miss me’ and ‘I will come back in a few days’.

As Ms Meng’s voice plays, Fu Fu turns around to look at the door before turning back to touch the camera with his paw.

‘I felt heartbroken when I saw this,’ Ms Meng confessed. She said that she eventually cut her trip short to return home to Fu Fu.

‘I had planned to stay at my parents’ home for a week, but we all returned to Xuzhou early,’ she noted.

A follow-up video shared by Ms Meng on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, shows Fu Fu dashing towards Ms Meng excitedly after she got home four days later.


Weepy eyes in cats can be signs of illnesses, such as eye infections or blocked tear ducts. But Ms Meng insisted that Fu Fu was perfectly healthy. She claimed that Fu Fu often had tears in his eyes when he was anxious or hungry.

Fu Fu’s ‘crying’ video has attracted more than 250,000 comments on Douyin as web users flocked to show their affection for the cat.

One fan wrote: ‘My heart melted when I saw Fu Fu’s eyes.’

Another viewer said: ‘I feel so sorry for him.’

A third person joked: ‘He didn’t miss you. He missed his fish.’

Fu Fu’s owner says her cat is shy and clingy, adding that he loves spending time with her

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