Kitten Found in a Field Cuddles Young Man and Insists On Staying with Him

The kittens were covered in filth and just skin and bones. There was no sign of a mother cat, so Malia contacted Sunny, a local animal rescuer, for help.

The kittens were around three weeks old and needed round-the-clock care. In just one day, they began to perk up. One of them quickly stood out.

The chimera tortie instantly took a liking to Sunny’s younger son and wanted to be held or cuddled by him. If anyone took her away from her favorite person, she wouldn’t stand it for a second and would put on a feisty, tough face.

Over the next few weeks, Chimera and her siblings really flourished into beautiful, rambunctious young cats. The intrepid tortie continued to do whatever she pleased and didn’t have a worry in the world.

All grown up now, the tortie girl is still the same spitfire that they met on day one.

That is proving that: we dont choose them, they choose us.

She is so Adorable!! And That 2 Face….!!! ♥️♥️♥️

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