Kittens Found Outside Together Have Their Dream Come True

They insist on staying close to each other always.
These two kittens who were found on the street together, just had their dream come true Irene from Montreal, Canada spotted two tiny kittens huddled up outside by themselves. She couldn’t find any more kittens and their cat mom never returned for them.

The kittens were very hungry and needed round-the-clock care. They managed to survive the elements of the outdoors by keeping each other warm and comforted. Irene took them home and began bottle-feeding them every two hours. it brought them back from the brink These kittens were very lucky. Irene took them home just in time and nursed them back to health.

When they arrived at the rescue, volunteers immediately noticed their strong bond. The two brothers (named Merlot and Mojitos) have always been very close. They follow each other everywhere they go Soon after they arrived at their foster home, they explored every nook and cranny of their new abode and were never far from each other.

They like to sleep together on the top level of the cat tree even though it’s not big enough for two. They insist on staying close to each other always.

Their bond is beautiful to see. They adore people and will wait by the door together when their humans get back from work

He gets into his playful mode as soon as he spots a toy. But when he is cuddled, he will purr up a storm.

The two have been each other’s rock since they were found on the street. They depend on one another and can’t be separated. When they were ready for adoption, the rescue knew they had to stay together.

A family learned about the bonded siblings and fell in love with the duo. They came to the rescue last week and made them a permanent part of their family.

After weeks of waiting, the two brothers, Merlot and Mojitos, had their dream come true as they headed to their new home.

5 thoughts on “Kittens Found Outside Together Have Their Dream Come True”

  1. I had two weaned kittens dropped at my house last fall, brother and sister. They are so bonded, if I give them away they’ll have to go together. My older resident cat is not amused with them, but that’s improving somewhat, so I will probably keep them both and make a family of it.

    1. 3 older cats are all over 11 years old so when I brought in an injured kitten last summer they were not amused. They’ve adjusted but it has taken time. I think they kind of like him, kind of don’t. They’re just like people in some ways.

  2. OMG….I have a pair of rescues..Barnum and Bailey. When my daughter went to get them for me she called and said there was a brother and sister and would I consider adopting both and I said YES!!! They were about a year old (they’ve been with me 1 year now) and I look at them and I’m so thankful that we found each other and that they’re not outside trying to survive. Previously I was the neighborhood cat alley who fed the feral cats so I know they have a very difficult life. I wish everybody knew how wonderful it is to adopt those precious cats and dogs from shelters.

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