Meet Honey Bee, The Rescued Blind Cat Who Loves To Go Hiking With Her Humans-..-.—..-

Honey Bee is a wonderful blind cat and an adventure girl on an international scale. She has lived with her 2 humans and 4 other cats in the Caribbean and now in Seattle. When she was a kitten, the family adopted her from Animals Fiji. Hiking with humans is one of her favourite sports.
She likes to go for long walks on her human shoulders. They can hold her on their backs or with a rope if they go camping. She loves to listen to the sounds of water while going on trips outdoors.

She never lets it discourage her from hiking with her parents and exploring the world around her despite being blind. She has no clear eyesight, but she has a good sense of edges and drop-offs that make it easier for her to get close without dropping in.

Sadly, because of a critical disease, Honey Bee passed away last night. She was just seven and a half years old, but with the time she had, she was doing a lot. For a runty-disabled cat living in a less established world, she had a really good life.

Watch a video of Bee here:

“Adieu, courageous little Honey Bee. Her body simply couldn’t do it any more, and last night she passed away. The incarnation of “living your best life,” Honey Bee has never skipped an opportunity to have fun, visit new places, and encounter new people.

Honey Bee had a wonderful life full of adventures and caring, and she brought joy everywhere she went, whether online to her friends or to individuals she met on walks and hikes, her owners posted on Facebook.


Over the years, I have been surprised by how much people have loved her life, followed her and sent kind messages about how she has given them support or encouragement or hope. I saw her as a kind of “anti Grumpy Cat” when I launched Honey Bee’s Facebook page. She was as sweet as she could be and she really tried to spread happiness.

Rest Honey Bee in harmony! In our souls, you’ll live forever. Your life was devoted to discovering and making sweetness, like a honeybee, tiny, pretty, and fluffy like your namesake, and with similar colors.

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