Rescue kitten is so happy to be adopted, she brings slippers to her human every morning-.-.-..–

The way this beautiful rescue cat expresses her admiration of the person who saved her life will probably make you add ‘adopting a cat’ to your list. Lulu, the cat is so happy, she finally finds a home forever, she gives slippers every morning to her mum.

The 10-year-old senior cat was taken in very poor condition to a nearby shelter. Since spending a few weeks there, the fuzzy ball seemed entirely different. But even then, no family eager to raise her was drawn to Lulu. Especially because of her concerns with her health. But soon, all that was going to be over!

Kayla, Lulu’s aunt, wrote in a Reddit post, “I tried to convince my mom to get a kitten, but she clearly knew what she was doing.” (Lulu) has been in the shelter for a year and because she had health conditions, no one wanted her. She has kidney failure, and when she is in so tight a cage, she still has embedded claws. She couldn’t even jump when we got her for the first time…’

They knew they would share their house with a loving cat from the very moment Kayla and her mom met Lulu. But little do they know what a grateful kitty Lulu will be back then.

The woman cared for the newest daughter of the family and they fed her with affection and kindness. And it didn’t take too long for Lulu to look totally new, to recover her glow. The cat delighted her guy with a heart-warming moment in exchange for saving her life.

One morning she was getting ready to leave at work, Kayla’s mom could not believe her eyes when spotted Lulu bringing her slippers; one at the time. And it wasn’t just a cute, innocent incident, because now that’s Lulu’s morning routine. What an adorable way to show her gratitude!

Kayla caught video of Lulu’s adorable routine and shared them on social media because it was such a lovely moment worth sharing with all pet lovers out there. Since then, the sweet kitty has become an internet phenomenon. And it is easy to comprehend why!

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