Woman Found Blind Twin Kittens That Guide Each Other Through The World

When a kind lady from Sydney, Australia, saw two little kittens in her backyard wandering around, she found that they were absolutely inseparable.
They were all malnourished and she knew there was something really special about these twin brothers when she began feeding them.

The three-week-old kittens both had eye defects, so she did as any sort of person would do and took them to the vets to get checked out. She chose to call them Isaac and Stevie.
It turned out that they were both born with a disease that caused their eyelids to turn inward and brush against their pupils, deforming their eyelashes.

But despite their medical problems, during their visit to the vet, both of the cats were polite and active. Unfortunately, since there was a high chance of them being sick, they had to have a surgical operation to cure the blind eyes.
An eyelid was also rebuilt for Isaac by the vet, which will help cover his one healthy eye.

They were in safe hands, you could see, and it didn’t take long for all of them to heal from their surgery.
Less than 24 hours later, they were up and about and playing.

Stevie, who is fully blind, depends on Isaac, his brother, to lead him around the world. He calls for his brother, who is never far from his side, whenever he gets disoriented. To console him, he is still there.
A year has passed and the twins have both grown into their home permanently, and they are very much loved by their families.

12 thoughts on “Woman Found Blind Twin Kittens That Guide Each Other Through The World”

  1. Thank you very much for the love and care you show these two felines. They will know they are loved, and deserve the happiest life you can give them.

  2. Really really disappointing that you 1- don’t credit the rescue group – Inner City Strays – who paid the bet bills and
    2- you don’t ask the rescue groups or adopters permission to use their photos.
    Terrible journalism

  3. So zero credit to the rescue group?
    Do you have any idea how much needed to be raised to save these kittens yet you don’t even acknowledge the rescue group despite the fact there is so much media coverage surrounding this story and you could easily have found out
    Very poor

  4. This information is false.

    The lady who found the kittens did NOT take them to the vet or decide their names. She rang a rescue group

    Your facts straight

  5. Beautiful brothers
    We humans could learn a lot from them
    Caring and loving woman who cares for them
    Real hero!
    Great respect

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