Cat Man Chris Rescues Tiny Tortie From Busy Highway As Traffic Flies By!

For those of you asking how little Zig Zag came into our lives… she was another VERY lucky kitty!

A 5-week-old tiny Tortie kitten was found laying flat on her stomach in the middle of a busy road in Tampa, Florida on Monday. Luckily the horrible position for this kitten to be in was also the most fortunate for her in these circumstances. With traffic on Sheldon Rd flying by at a minimum of the posted 45 mph speed limit, one woman was caring enough to stop for the little kitten. Fate intervened and the car behind the woman just happened to be a Big Cat Rescue staff member.

But then, the kitten jumped up and ran up into the wheel well of the woman’s car! Victor, also from Big Cat Rescue, and Chris Poole, a.k.a. Cat Man Chris

The woman’s car housing the kitten stow-away was now parked in a turn lane. But the trio had to be very careful that they were not putting themselves in danger while dodging the cars. They were also concerned that the frightened kitten would bolt back out into traffic.

Fortunately, Chris was able to reach the tiny tortie girl quickly and safely pull her from the precarious position.
They did a quick check to confirm she was not visually injured in any way. Then, safely tucked in the carrier, everyone moved to a safer place off the busy highway.

She was very scared and with what she went through, it’s not surprising in the least. So we are being very patient with her.

Fortunately we did make the right decision to keep her isolated.

Thankfully, tiny tortie Zig Zag has no sign of dehydration and no fleas. We aren’t sure if she was dumped on the road as it seems unlikely in the middle of rush hour… She may have also climbed up into someone’s vehicle and then fallen out of the car when they were driving. So it’s possible she originated from an entirely different area.

Wherever her life began and her journey took her, fate smiled upon this little girl this day.
An amazing journey! So glad Zig Zag found her family!

Watch the great video below:

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