Truck Driver Breaks Down In Tears After Meeting His Lost Travel Buddy-Cat After 5 Months Of Searching

In Matthew’s 18-wheeler, along with his human Matthew B., he rode through America.
The two love each other and have been almost inseparable for years, but the tragedy hit last July; when Matthew was stopping at a Springfield, Ohio, truck stop, Ashes unintentionally got out of the truck and died For his friend and travel partner, Matthew looked high and low, but to no avail. Ashes left without a trace, a long way away from home.

When he learned that he had to begin the trip without Ashes, Matthew was distraught. He eventually drove off, but he plotted his routes for the next few months so that he would come back to the same location he missed Ashes repeatedly and be able to search for him.

Ashes was doing his best by keeping himself alive, though Matthew was holding out hope of finding Ashes again.

For months, when a lady, Kimberley T., spotted a scrawny looking cat in the bushes, the cold and starving kitty scraped by.

Kimberley gave the name “Smokey” to the cold and malnourished kitty and took him to the Lollypop Farm animal rescue association in Newport, New York.

“Smokey” was scanned for a microchip at Lollypop Farm and they found that he wasn’t “Smokey” at all, he was Ashes!

Five months after the Ashes disappearance, when Matthew received the message, he couldn’t believe it. For the last time, he rearranged the road and left for New York, where Ashes are waiting for him.

Matthew could not keep the tears from his eyes when they eventually reunited, and Ashes was overjoyed at finally seeing his cat-dad again.

Matthew’s and Ashes’ happy ending highlights the value of our fur-babies being microchipped.

This is a microchip—without it, I would never have gotten it back. His life was spared by the woman who found him, but the microchip took him home: Matthew told Lollypop Farm.

Now, Ashes and Matthew are finally where, together and on the lane, they belong. Never again can nothing separate the couple.

28 thoughts on “Truck Driver Breaks Down In Tears After Meeting His Lost Travel Buddy-Cat After 5 Months Of Searching”

  1. “… Ashes unintentionally got out of the truck and died For his ..”

    He died? Something really bad happened to the writing.

      1. It’s not a “read harder” issue, it’s a poorly constructed sentence which hinders comprehension of the story. You can assume he meant “to his owner he had died”, but what it actually says is; “Ashes unintentionally got out of the truck and died For his friend and travel partner”

    1. He went searching for a cat who had “died”???!
      Who the hell wrote this? I was intrigued to read about the scrawny woman hiding in the bushes, Kimberley.

  2. I’m not sure who translates these or writes these articles, and while I appreciate the sentiment, you can’t write about a cat being rescued or found when in the same article you say that the cat died.

  3. So glad he was reunited with his buddy. We get very attached to our pets when we are alone. Cats sense when our moods and help heal us when we need it .

  4. at least I am not the only person who gets annoyed by careless proofreading . Otherwise a very sweet story. Very glad the cats not dead.

  5. If you love your pet get a microchip for them. Once we started transporting our cat from OH to FL it was a must. Just in case he ever slips away we have a chance to find him.

  6. Yeah, someone definitely wasn’t proofreading correctly. Amazon g how you could screw that major part of the story up so bad.

  7. The copy also mentions a “Matthew B.” I thought the name of the cat was “Matthew B” until it mentioned an “Ashes”.

  8. Yes, sweet story with a very happy ending but good gosh awmighty the composition of the piece was atrocious. I, as well, thought:

    1. The cat’s name was Matthew B.
    2. The cat had died
    3. Well, just how did Matthew the human “rearrange the road” for his trip to pick up Ashes?
    4. Good to see they are scaling back and sticking to the lane and not the highway/interstate/road as most 18-wheelers do.


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