Crate FULL Of 9 Cats Left On Shelter Doorstep With No Info.

No Sunday Funday for these cats! Unless we can share to help them find fosters Sa.d_ly, it happens all the time. Shelter workers and volunteers arrive at the location in the morning, only to find a.ban_do.ned animals waiting for them. It happens for any number of reasons…right or wrong! But the only thing right about these 9 cats left on the shelter doorstep this time, is that they were contained.

Ideally, not all 9 cats left on the makeshift do.or_step drop-off in ONE crate though.
It was only yesterday morning, when the staff at the Ontario Feral Cat Project in Oregon found the a.ban_do.ned animals. And it’s never an easy day at a shelter anyways. There are always too many animals and never enough food, funds or adopters. So to surprise a shelter with 9 new mouths to feed and care for is never easy to deal with.

But at least these 9 cats weren’t simply t.o.s.sed out on the streets. That we can be thankful for!

We realize people get frustrated when we aren’t able to take kitties in, but we always give other options…. believe us it’s frustrating to us too!! We want to help every kitty, but we just can’t take them all in, we have limited room, limited money and limited volunteers.
The most infuriating thing is that these felines don’t seem to be all that feral. And most of these cats seem to be quite friendly.

Hopefully if that is the case, the animals would be microchipped. But the shelter didn’t find any to connect them to anyone.

The common idea about rescues is that the “rescue“ is an entity with endless financial resources, infinite foster homes, infinite financial resources for strays and privately owned cats alike and volunteers that are just sitting around 24/7 waiting to be needed.

The issue at hand though will be to get these 9 cats into safe and happy forever homes.

Which led to a frantic rush and desperate pleas from the shelter to find foster homes for them all.

They appear to be healthy, so hopefully we will be able to get them vetted and ready to find loving forever families soon, but our veterinarians are crazy busy too!!

We hope these babys get a very loving furever home.

Fortunately they actually kept them alive and brought them somewhere where they can be helped and hopefully rehomed.

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  1. Mary Wendy Roberts

    Beautiful kitties. There is a shortage of them to adopt in the metro area I think.. There is a higher demand for kitty companions during the pandemic..

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