Cat jumps into mom’s arms after missing for 536 days

A cat was lost for over a year, and although his family did their best to find him, they were starting to lose hope.

We love cats not only because they’re cute and awesome and perfect, but also because they’re independent little explorers who love going on adventures of their own. However, it sometimes poses problems for their owners who are worried sick at home not knowing when their furry friend is coming back home. This is why animal activists have long been encouraging people to microchip their pets – this way, there’s a far greater chance to reunite with your beloved friend if it goes missing.

Recently, a story about a cute orange boy named Cat went viral, for the adorable feline went missing and didn’t come home for 536 days straight. His owners – Mindy and Luke Criner – were just beginning to lose hope when Cat finally reappeared in their lives, purring and meowing for their attention.

This cat named Cat was missing for 536 days

Despite everything, a call changed the course of history and finally the kitten was able to find the people he loves.

“Cat” is a cat who is characterized by his very shyness and always manages to capture the attention of Mindy Criner and her husband Luke, who decided to take him in their arms, because they felt that he did not need than a family to float his personality. .

Even though it was not easy, Cat managed to adapt to her new home, and when Mindy and Luke had a baby, he immediately loved her.

The cat liked to walk in the yard and explore, but unfortunately one day, Mindy went to seek it and found it nowhere.

Considering what happened, the woman quickly contacted the Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads Facebook page to ask for help, and then with her husband, they went out of their way to find Cat.

They put a litter box and food outside in the hope that familiar odors would help him get home. They also set up small housing stations throughout the neighborhood and asked their friends to check them out whenever they could.

On the other hand, they used traditional methods such as name signs throughout the neighborhood, but the days went by without finding it and they started to give up hope.

“The weeks turned into a year, then a little more and each day this crack in my broken heart developed a little.”

It was a big surprise for Mindy to receive a call after so long that they alerted her that someone had found her cat.

The woman thought it was a mistake, but immediately went to the shelter where she was called and was informed that a man had fed Cat thinking it was a homeless cat.

Cat was hit by a car and survived, the man came into contact with animal control and thanks to his microchip they could realize that he had a family.

Mindy contacted the man and headed for his house. The cat was eating on the porch when the woman arrived and as soon as they saw each other, it seemed that little time had passed.

She sat on the steps while waiting for the cat to approach in case she was afraid, he slipped on his knees purring, then threw himself in his arms showing how much he missed him.

Mindy said: “I started walking to the car where my husband Luke (who has an incredibly distinct voice) was talking to the guy who fed him, then Cat purred louder than normal and gave me a great whim, as if I wanted to put the little piece of my broken heart back in its place.

Cat knew she was finally going home and quickly relocated. Since then, he and his parents have stood together most of the time, showing all the affection they have not been able to share for more than a year.

Everyone is very happy that Cat has returne

Mindy hopes that her story will bring hope to families living in a situation similar to the one she lived in, and also invites them to check if the animals that roam the streets have a chip to help them reconnect with their loved ones.

And someone else can feel the overwhelming joy we’re experiencing…. she added.

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