Amid destruction, firefighter rescues ‘fire cat’ as it runs to him for safety–

A much better tale of California firefighters fighting a wildfire that managed to rescue a cat. For what they do, thank these heroes Firefighters save lives every day and Thursday was no different. In Northern California, though, a firefighter who helped defend homes where flames burned took time to save a tiny life, a frightened kitten who survived the Bear Fire

This little kitten comes charging up as sweet as it can be when we were sweeping up an area we heard meowing and sure enough: said Daniel Trevizo, a fire captain assigned to the North Complex with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Trevizo took a video of the yellow kitty as it raced towards him easily, searching for shelter, in a fire-scarred and still burning landscape. He put the cat in the pocket of his yellow fire jacket while the embers near Lake Oroville were watered down by him and his crew. They were close to the Simmons Road and Dove Court junction, making sure that the fire didn’t rekindle and burn more houses.

Trevizo said, ‘We’re going ahead and keeping him safe and comfortable so we can drop him off for animal control.

I’ll try to find some food for the little kitten here (at the base camp) and see that it gets well cooked, he said. He’s a nice little cat with a burn.

Trevizo said he saw in the firefighters’ party text that another fire captain had discovered and saved a cat hidden in the wreckage.

God bless you for saving this precious baby 

Watch the great video below:

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