Stray Kitten with Fighting Spirit Finds Kindest People to Help Her Thrive

She was so small but she tried so hard and wanted to play with the bigger kittens. This is too cute Two litters of kittens were found in a cat colony without their moms. They were brought to a local shelter for a chance at a better life. Jess Thoren, a foster volunteer based in New Jersey, stepped up to help and took all eight into her home She noticed that one of the kittens was much smaller than the rest. Kelly (the tiniest tabby) was only 84 grams. She was very weak.

The palm-sized tabby had to be tube-fed every two hours as she didn’t have the strength to eat from a bottle. Jess discovered two small wounds on her little body and immediately started treatment. The tiny fighter was brought back from the brink and started to perk up.

The warrior kitty was determined to get bigger and stronger.

Kelly’s ginger brother Zack, who was almost twice her size, kept her company after every feeding. He cuddled up to her and even offered himself as her pillow.

After 10 days of round-the-clock care and many sleepless nights, the tabby girl finally hit 150 grams, the size of a one week-old. That might not seem like the biggest accomplishment since all her siblings are at least 100 grams bigger than her, but I’m so proud of her: Jess wrote.

Over time, the little tabby healed up nicely. She continued to eat to her heart’s content and would show off her round belly after every meal.

She is thriving in foster care and reaching one milestone after another. Nothing makes her happier than getting some belly rubs and cuddles at the same time.

Now that she is eating on her own, she is growing much faster, catching up in size.

What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. The feisty kitty loves to wrestle with her siblings even when they try to get some sleep.

The brave little kitty has come a long way.

She’s still the runt of the litter, but she has a mighty personality and the heart of a lion.

With a loving foster family, the palm-sized kitten has blossomed into a healthy, happy tabby girl.

Kelly was so small when she first came to her foster home.

Look at her now! She can’t wait to grow big and find a place of her very own.

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