Woman Saved Kitten from Driveway But Didn’t Know Her Life Would Be Changed Forever too.—

Bree from California was coming home from a dinner last summer when she spotted a tiny kitten sitting in her driveway, nearly motionless As she walked up to her, the kitten started crying and panting.

When she saw me, she meowed at me and tried to come up to me. It was so hot (110 degrees F) and she was so tired and malnourished that she only made it a couple steps: Bree told The mother cat was nowhere to be found. Bree brought the kitten in to get her some food and water. She was three weeks old and had been abandoned by her stray mama.

Kitten (named Cloe) to the vet to get her the medical attention she needed.

She had severe dehydration, was extremely malnourished, covered in fleas, and had intestinal parasites The vet said she probably would have died if I hadn’t taken her in.


It took four days for her to finally get the energy to try to play They continued to bottle feed her every 3-4 hours for almost a month. Initially, they planned to find her a home when she was old enough but that never happened.

Cloe was already home…

She’s definitely a cuddly cat and likes to lay on my feet.

Cloe follows her human mom everywhere she goes and doesn’t want to be alone.

The purrfect assistant.

A few months later, a new kitty named Crowley joined the family.

After a few days of hissing and swatting, Cloe decided to snuggle up to her new pal for a cuddle and the rest is history.

They love each other so much now!

The two buddies do everything together They nap, eat, and sit by the window, watching the day go by.

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